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Advanced Roofing provides comprehensive siding services to homeowners in and around Brandon, Westman, and surrounding areas in Manitoba through its sister company, A&M Siding. Give us call when you need reliable and efficient siding contractors.

When to Install New Siding

Updating the siding is one of the biggest alterations you can make to the exterior of your house. With the scale of the work and the skill set required to accomplish it, siding projects can be a substantial investment. It’s understandable that any cost-conscious homeowner would want to make certain that this update is being done out of necessity.

If you are not sure whether you need a new siding, here are the signs to consider:

Bubbling or Blistered Siding

This can occur when the siding is exposed to extreme weather conditions. To replace the area and prevent the damage from happening again, have a reputable siding contractor work on it. Get in touch with A&M Siding and our team will take care of the job for you.

Hail Damage

Chipping, denting, and cracking are serious signs that your home’s siding has been damaged by hail. Hail damages can limit the life expectancy of your siding. So, it is best to replace it as soon as possible. This may be covered under your property insurance, either way, be sure to contact A&M Siding and we’ll get the job done.

Outdated Colour

If first-time visitors can easily find your home by basing solely on the siding colour, it may well be time for a siding replacement. With a new, updated colour, you can enhance the look of your home and make it more attractive, especially if you are thinking of selling it in the near future.


Reclaim your home from woodpeckers, squirrels, insects, and other wildlife, as well as from moisture damage, by replacing your damaged wood siding with a maintenance-free product, such as vinyl siding. Call A&M Siding for more details.

Dry Rot

This fungus develops due to moisture and can cause wood to decompose. Apart from being unsightly, dry rot weakens siding and prevents it from acting as a shield against the elements.

Cracked Siding

Cracks on the siding causes water to penetrate beneath the surface. Over time, this can turn into a serious problem. If it affects only a small area, simply replace that part to resolve the issue. If it’s several areas around the entire house, consider replacing all the siding. Call us now to get a free estimate.

Loose Siding

There are several reasons for your siding to loosen, and these include shoddy installation and wind damage. It can also happen if your home is settling. Regardless of the cause, loose siding cannot protect a home properly and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Fading Colour 

Apart from being an eyesore, or dating your home, fading colour indicates that the siding is weaker than it should be, and that it has reached the end of its life. Call A&M Siding now for your free roof inspection estimate.

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